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Understanding design logic allows one to maximize the use fiducials. It emerges that fiducials can be designed in intentionally, at no additional cost or at little cost which is over-compensated by the use of those fiducials downstream in the build. This introduces the concept of Design for Fiducials as part of an Info-Rich Marking Strategy.

Fiducials are visible features of the build which can guide the placement of other modules. The build inherently has fiducials: such as you know that for example a wall will end up at another wall and this determines wall size. This is unintentional. Design-for-fiducials is the intentional inclusion of additional markers, or when choosing part lengths for composite strucures, choosing those lengths to locate design features downstream in the build. For example, a specific choice of sill plate length may indicate where a subsequent wall is located. Since there is a choice of what sill plate lengths one can use, an intentional use of a dimension that serves as a downstream fiducial - would be an example of 'design-for-fiducials'.

This concept is important, and can facilitate the build easily. For example, if every feature location was indicated by an existing feature - then we have simplified the build greatly. There are rich possibilities for doing such simplification in modular design.