Destructive Testing

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  • One of the core techniques in, and roles filled by the Open Source QC Testing and Measurement Equipment Construction Set
  • Testing that results in damage to, or destruction of, the tested device
  • Can Be Done With A Universal Testing Machine, exposure to various environments (Salt Spray, Water Spray, Humidity, Snow/Ice/Freezing Conditions, Water Submersion at Various Pressures, Acid Exposure, Base Exposure, Solvent Exposure, High Pressure Atmospheres, Low Pressure Atmospheres, Flammable Atmospheres, Explosive Atmospheres, High Temperature, Fire, High Acceleration/Deceleration, Signal Interference/Jamming, EMP, and Ionizing Radiation), pushing beyond operational limits (Overpressuring tanks to 200 or 300% Gradually, Running above Operating Temperatures by Increasing until the breaking point, etc), and things like Crash Testing
  • Provides useful information about how something will behave in a certain situation and/or what it can handle
  • Also Shows Specifically HOW something fails
  • Can provide more realistic and accurate results than Non-Destructive Testing and Computer Models due to scale and there being less Spherical Cows

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