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How do we know if a Developer is performing well? To assess developer engagement, the superior performers can be seen as:

  1. Has their Developer Test Score been verified?
  2. Are they meeting their weekly time quota at the 90% plus level?
  3. Have they posted a profile picture on the OSE Developers page?
  4. Did they set up their work log properly and do they have a 90%+ score on Work Log Checklist?
  5. Are they making regular and visible progress updates in their Work Log?
  6. Have they produced any instructional videos?
  7. Are they communicating on the email list?


To help improve team performance overall, we have to track it - we do that here. This scorecard should be communicated during every meeting to show the health of the development process.

  1. Total # of Devs. This number is not recorded in our main Development Effort graph - just the number that logged
  2. % of Total Team that logged hours. Goal is 100%
  3. Of the people that logged, what % did their quota of 10 hrs/week
  4. Of the people that logged, are they logging properly.
  5. % of Available Team that shows up to design sprint
  6. %Percent of team that participated in or watched the Dev meeting
  7. % of people who are allocated tasks
  8. % of people who finish their allocated task
  9. Monthly growth rate of the team. Calculated as: (change in the number of developers/total number of developers) (see How to Calculate Growth Rate)

Scorecard Spreadsheet

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