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BonitaBPM. BPM is Business Process Mapping. Its standard notation can be used to break down OSE processes into understandable form using standard symbols.

  • CAD process - start with concept drawings, pull down CAD files, draw up CAD files, add dimensions, fabrication drawings, exploded part animation, calculations, part revisions, tolerancing
  • Design process - concept, study of industry standards, tech tree of choices, design interfaces
  • System process - break down into modules, build team, allocate tasks, document, manage the process, define test points (test-driven design)
  • Prototyping - test driven design test definitions; 3DP, laser cutting of models, calculations/simulations of specific points; CNC torch cutting; animations; range of motion drawings; strength calculations; cost calculations
  • Documentation - language agnostic; looping build video; update videos; WikiFab procedure; initial Doc procedure; Project Page on wiki (Dev, video, etc), WebGL libraries; Blender animations
  • Software - OSE Linux ISO library; design app for building from library parts; XM webpage for event organization and sales; dedicated calculation software;