Development Team Meeting

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  • A video conference call where the dev team updates eachother on their progress and plans ahead
  • Occurs most tuesdays at 7:00 GMT/UTC/CUT (2:00 CST, or 3:00 EST)
  • Takes Place on This Jitsi site



  • Seemed there were only 2 people at 5/8/2020?
  • Was this due to a lack of communication, or just availability of people (were busy elsewhere)?

Solution(s) (In progress, feel free to voice opinions, and/or add ideas)

    • Add roles (on slack, or discord) for saying you will be there for the weekly meeting (forget the word, goes with the whole event/party invatation, "remember to "x" for the party!" HELp need the word)
    • See who shows up via roll call, or some automated tool
    • Reccord all this manually or automatically
    • Graph this over time in a similar manner to work hour logs
    • Do a poll to see what time "works" for the most people (make it acceptable for as many as possible)
      • This is also another reason stated time zones via a poll or role system would be of use