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OSE India. Civil Engineering professor. Knows Viveik - friend from another social network in India. Built a brick press. Will send an article he wrote. Knows Viveik Saigal. Orissa. Self-funding of senior projects. For example, built a wind generator. Model - have students pay for machines. First build - they imported hydraulic cylinders. Will source locally next time. Plans to make CEB a mobile setup. Business model of local brick production - would be financially prof. The industry standard is getting bricks from the factory. Last 400,000 in rupee - $7k. Cost will go down to $5k for Indian sourcing. 3000 rupees - $50 per student x30 students, times $1500. That is a professor's salary for 2 months. Would spend one week with a couple of technicians. So University pays for the machine in some cases, in other cases it's the students that pay. Flyash lime and gypsum waste - wherever paper mills and fertilizer companies are available.

Orissa is one of the poorest areas of India.

History in OS: long time Linux user, went to school in Michigan. UMd, College Park - AID chapters in US - Association for Indian Development.

  • Charter template -
  • Team
  • Work product
  • Wiki page on the OSE wiki
  • Assignment: to produce a Chapters wiki page template.
  • Distributive Enterprise
  • Organize a conference - invite presentations on open source models.


Dear Marcin;

It was wonderful finally talking to you. Here is what I I believe we have discussed and agreed on:

  1. We will in principle work towards forming OSE India.
  2. Since as of now we don't know of any one else involved in OSE from India other than myself and Viveik, we will organise a Conference of potential participants in about 3-4 months time (April - May 2016 or December 2016).
  3. The theme of the conference will be OpenSource and Distributed Enterprise and hopefully we can have you visit and make a presentation.
  4. We will try to have IIT Bhubaneswar and CTTC as conference partners to give it as much importance and draw attention as widely as possible at a national level.
  5. As discussed we are working on the Field Trial of the CEB which I believe has not been done fully yet. We are still struggling to set up a production set-up that can run continuously at our College. We are also exploring shifting the machine to a production facility to do the continuous production trials.
  6. We are also exploring the use of the CEB as a student project using the Rapid Build Workshop model. We are also developing a business plan to make it a mobile production unit.
  7. In preparation for OSE India, we will implement a Wiki page using a template that would be common to all chapters (to be shared by you).
  8. We will gather together all the information on CEB work so far and upload on the OSE India wiki.

Thank you and Happy New Year again.

Regards; Dhanada