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Comparison With Other Nozzles

Standard Brass

  • Name Brand Nozzle for ~10 USD, Most 3D Printers/Hotends Come Stock with a Brass Nozzle (ie they can be Free* with the machine)
  • Cannot Print Abrasives
  • Will Need Replaced After a While (Need to determine specifically how often, FDM 3D Printer Nozzle Wear as a page on this maybe? "The 3D Print General" in [*Their Review Stated Brass Nozzles Should be Replaced Every Few Hundred Machine Hours

Hardened Steel FDM 3D Printer Nozzles

DiamondBack Nozzle

  • ~95 USD Each
  • Functionally Infinite (Short of Damage) Machine Time
    • Would be interesting to see a Cutaway after a Long Term Test to see if the brass "tube" part wears down and/or if that is even an issue
    • Then we would need a (Brass (or Even Pure Copper!) Coated (For Screw Seal) ) All PCD Hotend!
  • May be able to print faster (if the Hotend is the Limiting Factor in your printer (May not be so for D3D as it stands now, definitely now so for the current Prusa machines, Currently the Limiting Factor for VORON / RatRig / VZBot 3D Printers) due to the higher heat flow allowing you to "push the filament" faster


Internal Links

  • Olsson Ruby Nozzle (Same Concept, but Poor Thermal Performance, and Decent Hardness, Also there have been reports of the Insert Becoming Dislodged, hence the fragility concern) (also seems like a marketing gimmick that it is ruby, given that Synthetic Ruby is just impure (ie more materials needed) Synthetic Sapphire )

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