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  • Curriculum package - big companies develop eng curriculum
  • Stiftung Gymnasium - they provide curruculum, teachers have apathy because they are forced to teach something that has been thrown upon then
  • Will teach 3D printer course - with lifecycle assessment.
  • Board CAD - https://sourceforge.net/projects/boardcad/files/latest/download
  • School pays money to Foundation to generate curriculum
  • Teachers are required to file new ideas for curriculum every year. One block every 6 weeks.
  • Teachers are short of ideas. They can't design ideas themselves - but external companies. STEM should be about companies.
  • In practice, no companies are interested.
  • What if it is OSE?
  • Teachers would love it. Teacher provides it to Foundation. Dirk thinks this could work.
  • Colleague is working with schools.
  • This other person can tell what is needed.
  • Format for what is needed. Will it be manageable - or will it be nonsense.
  • Most of the time - the Foundation doesn't understand what they are handling.
  • What they handle is secret. Why? Because it is horrible.
  • FUBAR curriculum.
  • We would develop for O&O - R&D equivalent. Onderzoek en Ontwerp.
  • There are good teachers that could be doing our work.
  • There is a school that is good.
  • O&O would be students up to 4-6 years in a school.
  • Dirk is building this -


  • Conclusion - we can set up PD for O&O teachers online
  • 2485 high schools
  • 102 in Dirk's area
  • Eindhoven area - 1000 tech companies competition
  • Generally interested, but where do we take it from here? How does it apply to us?
  • Let's build products - is too hard for them.
  • Next steps - go to PD guys - to see if there are possibilities
  • Bring up the curriculum dev to teachers - to help develop the curriculum.
  • Teachers that understand how to build something.
  • Upvote quality of projects.
  • Retain continuity is the last step - which happens from teachers' side.