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Distributed Market Substitution Collaboration Infrastructure


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To OSE Open Hardware Standard, add:

  • Ability to attain Distributed Market Substitution in 1 year by a collective effort initiated by any interested agent of the community.
  • Membership is self-selection by acquiring a mindset and skill set
  • Ability to respond to billion dollar scale conflicts in a matter of one month, such as the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
  • 1 year training course for full material security of CAD-BOM-Build competence
  • Ability to raise city infrastructures for about $10,000 (initially proposed in the TED Talk), meaning ability to take common resources and transform them, such as concrete/biofuel/plastic/metal processing appliance for producing rock, fuel, metal - CEB block, CNC Multipurpose Machine (8' bed including sawmill), high T printer. Starts with gravel extraction, metal melting, 3D printing, and CNC machining from ZnAl. Level 2 is hydrogen. Level 3 is silicon.
  • Ability to enlist a global reserve of collaborators (millions of people) by virtue of having provided a collaborative skill set consisting of both a collaborative mindset and a collaborative tool set.
  • On the mindset side, experience of abundance economics is taught, to transcend artificial scarcity such as authoritarianism