Distributed Market Substitution Methodology

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Open Enterprise Institute (OEI)

OEI is a name candidate for the inaugural OSE Campus which leverages global collaboration to solve pressing world issues according to the OSE Vision. We work towards a distributed network of 10,000 such institutions worldwide to restore integrity and enable the democratic process all over the world.

The first facility rolls out through the Open Building Institute in 2020 as we train hundreds of builders to assist thousands of owner builders in building their $50k homes. At the same time, we leverage a global collaboration of OSE Fellows who pursue the same mission while developing an enterprise collaboratively. The enterprise is the OSE Campus - a branch of OSE - and a branch of the Open Enterprise Institute - all in one. We may need to think of a better name that captures the essence. Open Source Ecologyu is already there - that is the first name to use.

To leverage global collaboration, we select the largest industries and open source them: housing, cars, 3D printing, agriculture, etc. We simply take the state of art in each industry, and reinvent it from scratch in a way that it would develop in a distributed economy. We take each industry - and filter into it the 17 qualities of the Sustainable Development Goals. This means that from each of the 17 qualities, we derive a specific operational principle. For example, Zero Hunger translates to including food plantings with all the houses: nuts, fruits, edible landscape, aquaponic greenhouses, and more. Then once we have this general direction direction for each of the 17, we apply a second filter - OSE Specifications - to develop an economic model that is both sustainable and regenerative. The unique value proposition here is that the first and second filter are not greenwashing lip service - but instead real commitments that we stick to and implement in a phased fashion.

The first question is how we organize a number of collaborators around the world for the goal. We can take one recommended candidate from each country, and then train them via the OSE Fellowship. The Fellowship involves funding the candidates to support their work for 4 years, leading to mastery of civilization construction. The candidates are welcome to pursue PhD level studies of 8 years total, toqualify for directorship of new OSE campuses. The focus of the training is interdisciplinary collaboration and open publishing throughout the process, with a focus on teaching skill sets to others.

Open Building Institute funds the initial development, so that we can train builder-open source philosophers, as we make affordable, ecological housing widely accessible. The initial program is 1 week for owner builders, and 3 months of tech school.