Distributive Capital

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Open source and collaborative Capital combined, with one of the Affordances including Regenerative Capital. However the essence of OSE is a model of change based on Distributive Capital. The model involves:

  • Distribution. At its core, the model relies on optimizing products by global collaboration, and distributing this knowhow openly by publishing, training, etc.
  • Degeneracy - Product Degeneracy is understood as a required feature to help improve product quality and its appropriateness to meeting human needs. This is a paradox relying on 'less is more'
  • Teleology - Substitution of business as usual with it's more evolved versions which includes environmental and social integrity - as a means to Solving Pressing World Issues.
  • Inspiration - Distributive Capital assumes that the world be inspired. By sharing of economic knowhow as the new pattern for creating Mutually Assured Abundance. Because material security is still unsolved (deprivation of substance or quality or financial security in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th world), and solving this issue would have profoundly benign societal effects. Including reduction of propaganda, as insecure people are more susceptible to disinformation.