Distributive Enterprise Business Plan for Earth

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OSE is beginning to see evidence of replication, and the rate of replication is expected to grow from 3 this year to 100 by next year, and 1000 the year after. The Civilization Starter Kit DVD v0.01  will be a significant contribution to this process. We are growing from $1500/month last year to $50k/month at present. Our True Fans ($10 donors and early adopters) numbers are have grown from about 50 at the beginning of last year to 450 now. We have cleared $25k this year from first product sales and expect $1/4M next year. As TED Senior Fellow and shortlisted on the Shuttleworth Fellowship, we are well positioned to continue the growth trend.

The concept is simple. We are seeing incredible support coming from all over, including that of fabricators-in-training. The 3 replications are all by supportive stakeholders who want to see the success of the entire package. Initial discussions indicate that they would be willing to contribute 5% of their net for 5 years in return for us helping them in their enterprises. This is a case for entrepreneurship training - where we specialize as a training organization - and we benefit from the value of economically significant production from our trainees.

We aim to step this up in an OSE Fellows program - investing in Fellows as developers of Distributive Enterprise. They develop the GVCS - one full product of the 50 in a 6 month focused Fellowship on site at Factor e Farm.

So this is about numbers - the leagues of Fellows agree to support the development of the GVCS - by commiting to long-term contributions that pay back the capitalization required for a crash development program that will have given birth to a full product release of the complete GVCS package. I think any long-term investor could easily see that it would be a worthwile $5M investment to get the entire package up in 1 year.

So I am looking to turn the above into plain English.

I need to prepare a 16 slide presentation on the above according to the Sequoia business plan template.


  • $50k/prototype * 50 = $2.5M - scenario of full outsource
    • Outsource SMEs- $7k/month
    • $8k materials
  • Large global parallel collab
  • Local FeF dev - $5-7k/month total -
    • Recruit prototypers locally. Volunteer or paid
  • 4 full time fabricators - materials for CEB are $4k, sale price $10k or $20k/person/month generated
    • 10-30% profit share
  • Outsourced=production resale - good money - fab CEB press - $4k materila
  • Distributed production - OSE Certified, 5% donation to OSE/year of net
  • CAD/CAM solution - $500k/year for 6 programmers at $7k/month - 10,000 man hours of programming; interface designer, CAD person, CAM person, 3 programmers
  • Focus on Distributive Enterprise Training
    • In-depth training - 1 month for fabricators
    • 3 months for novices
    • OSE Fellows - 6 months = 1 product release with 3 prototypes, where you demonstrate the product and associated business model; 5% return for 5 years; focus on experienced retirees, not students
***take 8 OSE Fellows - 16 products per year using existing infrastructure
      • Recruit these people - full time job