Do you offer turnkey builds of the Seed Eco-Home?

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Yes, starting 2021.


It's a possibility - for a version with 675 square feet of livable space. However, until we set up block production in multiple sites across the USA (setting up our first one in Kansas City in the summer of 2020 during the 2020 Summer of Extreme Design-Build -Summer X) - the only option we can offer is stick frame using our modular construction methods. The economics would have to work out. Our fee structure is a $10k flat service fee to OSE from a client, and the client also pays for all materials + foundation install to be done 3 months prior to our Extreme Build workshop. The design would have to fit the Seed Eco-Home method of modular house construction, which we developed for rapid swarm builds. So the client does not have a say in the design system, though there is full room to do the interior as needed. We provide a shell home - outside walls finished, roof finished, wood floor (to be stained/protected afterwards), rough plumbing ready for appliances, wall outlets installed - the client covers the interior finish and furniture. Then we post a workshop announcement and people register for it so that additional revenue goes to OSE. OSE covers expenses that include build management, organizational support of sourcing (OSE makes materials purchases from local hardware stores), food, on site and logistics such as portopotties. People need to cover their housing, or we can negotiate with a client if a location is suitable for people to stay on site where OSE would cover those expenses up to $35 per person per day. Regarding tools, OSE would bring a  load of cordless drills, saws, other basic tools. There must be electricity available on site. We run workshops that are typically 5 days. That is sufficient to build a 1.5 story structure of 675 sf livable space (first floor + 1/2 of second story) - similar to our Seed Eco-Home. This is intended to be a starter home - building small and than making provisions for easy additions to follow. This is what we can offer at this time.