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Writing, Shooting & Editing Instructionals

Uploading & Blogging Instructionals

Archiving Instructionals

Because the GVCS is under continual revision, we should aim to keep our FCP projects archived in such a way that it is possible to open up & re-edit a project. For simplicity, let's maintain 2 separate archives:

  1. Raw footage
  2. Project File Archives

Raw Footage Archive

The Raw Footage should be saved in Apple ProRes 422 at 29.97fps, and organized by date & reel. A log describing what is in each reel should be provided when possible.

The Raw Footage may just be an editor's 'Capture Scratch' Folder, though additional organization would be nice. It could alternately be a dump of a video card.

Project File Archives

The Project File Archives should be created via FCP Media Manager, and include both the project files & project media (video clips, stills, music, etc.) Each project will be archived into it's own folder. This way, when down the road someone wants to update an instructional, all the material will be stored together and they won't need to search through the raw footage, spread across multiple drives, to re-connect media. There will be some redundancy as footage will be archived in multiple places (the raw archive & whatever project archives it is used in). But without a coordinated, standard way to archive files across multiple computers (requires both discipline in archiving procedures & reliable server space we don't have), this is the easiest way to ensure that video projects can be revisited and updated in the future.

The final Quicktime should also be included in the Project File Archive, and maybe in another location as well.

Instructions on how to use Media Manager to *copy* projects to an external drive:

OSE Drives

  1. OSE_01 - Contains Ian_Midgley's Footage
    1. Raw Footage
      1. Ian Flip Video
      2. Ian XDCAM Video
    2. FCP Files
  2. OSE_02 - Contains Rebecca_Rojer's Raw Footage & Project File Archives
    1. Raw Footage
    2. Project Files
      1. CEB Controller Box Wiring Instructional
      2. True Fans Update 10/16/2011
      3. CEB Controller Box - LED & Resistor Soldering Instructional