Documentation Manger 2013 Role Specifics

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Role Description - General=

  • Responsible for managing delivery of technical documentation for the Global Village Construction Set
  • Assists ED in developing effective protocols and innovative tools for streamlining the delivery of documentation
  • Produces contract scopes of work and specifications to technical writers, videographers, and other documenters
  • Maintains and updates OSE Documentation Handbook, a guide for effective open source product development
  • Works with Product Lead to coordinate delivery of documentation
  • Engages in Talent Search to find key contributors
  • Reports to Operations Manager
  • Maintains a documenter database with assistance from Technical Community Manager
  • Publishes RFPs and solicits bids for documentation work
  • Collaborates with Technical Community Manager on special documentation-producing events, such as book sprints, video editing hackathons, and others.
  • Develops a remote video editing protocol


  • Sprint instructionals
    • Produces 2 minute explainer on Conceptual Design in the OSE Sprint Method - overview of technical execution
    • Prepares an explainer on OSE remote video editing sprints. Loggers, video producers, and others are encouraged to participate.
    • Produces a 2 minute explainer on details of OSE Sprint Technical Design Method - technical execution
    • Produces a 2 minute explainer on OSE Sprint Rapid Prodotyping - technical aspects of toolchain.
    • Produces a 2 minute explainer on how to set up a Design Sprint interface for an OSE Design Sprint
  • Produces a 1 minute video on Logging Standards
  • Develops design for a cloud platform for remote video editing.
  • Prepares video uploads for cloud video editing platform
  • Develops a team of 50 video editors for remote editing
  • Preparation of 2 scripts per week for remote editors
  • Secures commitments to OSEdit program from 5 remote video editors, graphics, animation, and sound people per week to Remote Editing Team
  • Sets up a Remote Video editing Platform on OSE Wiki
  • Fulfills documentation on the OSE wiki for the GVCS machines
  • Develops visual representation of documentation completeness for each of the 50 GVCS tools.


  • Daily logging
  • Twice per week uploading of footage to cloud video platform - to prepare others to do projects
  • Weekly meeting to discuss scripts and progress
  • Weekly instructional


  • Pay-ok
  • Start and End Date
  • Travel costs
  • Requisitions for supplies and outsourced work managed via Ops Manager; budget prepared and approved for all work.