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to LinY@missouri.edu

Dr. Lin,

Thanks for talking today.

  1. Here is the webpage on the boundary layer turbine: Boundary Layer Turbine
  2. The turbine could be a potential motor for the solar concentrator electric power: Solar Concentrators
  3. Let me know what you would need if we were to try to get students to work on this. We are actually planning a prototype here on August 15 – and there will need to be optimization work to be done.
  4. Please send me what you have about your small scale wind turbine proposition.
  5. Regarding the gasifier, please send mi Michael's final report and any other supporting documentation.
  6. I will start the discussion with our grantwriter regarding the first small-scale, efficient gas to liquid fuel reactor, and we can start passing information back and forth on this for an SBIR grant.
  7. Also, send me information about your compound bow.
  8. Finally, send me some pictures of the bamboo shoots – and show me how you prepare it to eat.

Thanks, Marcin Jakubowski, Ph.D. Open Source Ecology

PS. There is a great interview that was done with me this past weekend regarding the whole open source technology package: Global Swadeshi Dialogues