Drill Technical Specifications

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Advanced Features

  • BLDC motor with power management
  • Usable as a milling head for circuits in the Universal Axis CNC system - has a mount for attachment as a milling head. Thus it features a spindle system as one attachment for a working head
  • Modularity to.the level of a Cordless Drill Construction Set. Battery, handle, tool mount for mounting on a CNC but also as second tool attachment) (such as 2 drills at one time from same battery), control logic circuit, motor, gear, clutch, and Chuck. Different Chuck systems, different motor sizes and types, different geardown, and different tool heads up to hydraulic shears. This means heavy duty tool mount, say 50 lb or so.
  • Decoupled motor and gearbox for speed variation
  • 3D printed belt or 3D printed planetary gears
  • On setting for constant on
  • Low power setting for long life on a Saturday ngle charge, such as for milling
  • Plug-in able for direct corded operation; optional wallwort, 5A or so
  • 24V for high power
  • Stackable battery pack
  • Battery belt for EVs and scalable power
  • Eventual hydrogen or steam power source
  • Solar charging option

Force Specifications

  • Downward and lateral forces are quantified based on industry standards (get a sample of all available drills after a careful study of industry standards)


Production Engineering

  • Print your own case
  • Print your own shipping case
  • Print your own belts and geardown
  • Starts with filament maker and grinder from scrap
  • Bootstrappable, low cost production engineering
  • Involves desktop Foundry for small parts including extruders to start from scrap aluminum, zinc, plastic.