Drilling Immersion Training

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Skills learned:

Basic Training Exam (after 1 hour hands-on Training, 3 hours of practice):

  1. Understanding safety risks of drilling
  2. Understanding the geometry of a drill bit
  3. Determining sharpness of a drill bit
  4. Determining whether a drill bit is drilling properly
  5. Intuitive feed rate setting for various materials
  6. Sharpening a drill bit via drill sharpener
  7. Sharpening drill bits by hand on a bench grinder
  8. Sharpening a drill bit that has been broken in half
  9. Determining hardness of a material
  10. Drilling through sheets of material - steel and other
  11. Drilling through 1/4" and up materials
  12. Drilling with mag drill, floor drill press, hand drill
  13. Drilling with masonry bits
  14. Using a drill for materials mixing
  15. Selecting from other techniques of producing holes (torching, hole punching, CNC cutting)

Capacities Learned:

  1. Safe and efficient drilling through any material of any thickness either in-situ or on a working table, including ability to sharpen drill bits by hand.

Advanced Training

  1. Exploded part diagram description of a drill press, hand drill, and mag drill
  2. Drill Bit Fabrication with a grinder attachment either on a mill or lathe
  3. Heat treating of regular steel to make hardened steel for drill bits.