Ductless Heat Pump

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  • A heat pump - using air heat exchange - extracts heat or cold from the ambient air. There is an outside compressor, and indoor heat exchanger. A split unit. Install requires placing the heat pump outdoors, and placing one or more heat exchangers indoors.

Working Doc


Efficiency Vs Temperature

  • This one says that it's not worthwhile below 30F [1]. How to reconcile with manufacturer claiming -13F?
  • It seems to be that it works very poorly at the low temps.
    • 32F, COP is 3 [2] but at 10F it appears to be COP=2.
    • At -5F, COP=1.3 and it shuts down, for backup heat to take over.
  • Pioneer mini-split page says it works to 90% capacity at -13F! [3]. just try it.

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