Duromax Engine

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  • Wiring: left wire appears to be charger wire - read "Looking at your pic I hope I'm right.Bottom left wire coming from behind your blue housing. 3 amp charge wire. Don't need if your using S/G. Wire on bottom right side coming out of motor block, thats your oil sensor. The wire in the middle coming down from top of your motor is your coil kill wire. It should be hooked up too a little small wire that was running in your wire harness that goes to your S/G. This wire in your wiring harness will be grounded when the peddle is not being pushed. Hope this helps and always use a meter to test before you hook anything up. MAKE SURE YOU DONT HAVE ANY POWER AT ALL GOING TO WIRE THAT HOOKS TO YOUR COIL WIRE. This is the wire at the top of your clone engine." from [1]