Dust Explosion

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  • An explosion causing a typically stable, yet combustable fuel to have more surface area (due to forming a dust cloud) and thus ignight and Deflagrate, and often Detonate
  • Can lead to MAJOR industrial accidents SUCH AS
  • Main industries at risk are sugar mills, flour mills, metal powder production, saw mills, and essentially anything dealing with powder, or processes that can produce it
  • The ignition source can be somthing as small as static electricity, or machine heat
  • This is also the operating principle behind educational labs, entertainment devices , and thermobaric explosives

Avoidance Strategies

Dust Reduction

Design Considerations

  • Close at risk areas off/modularise them
  • Reducing oxygen (either by reducing the levels in the work area/room to lower levels, or via working under an inert atmosphere (may not need argon etc, notrogen should work assuming the process allows for it)

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