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from The Godfather <thegodfatherx@gmail.com> to joseph.dolittle@gmail.com date Fri, May 16, 2008 at 1:06 AM subject Living without modern day technology.

Dear Joseph,

   I am looking to become "unplugged" so to speak. I want to break

away from this city type of living. I have come to know of a global disaster and want to prepare for it by living off the land. We all will have to live off the land and if I am not already Living without modern day technology, then the sudden jump into no eletricity would cripple me. (I live in a city right now.). With out the help from fellow, honest, good people, this will be hard. I was looking on google for a place that will fit this situation. If I am looking in the wrong place, please email me. If I am looking in the right place, please email me. Your help is appriciated. Thank you.