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OSE accepts donations via Dwolla. Please donate:

Support Message

Regarding the email issue, you may want to speak with your webmaster or look at what filters may be blocking emails. But until then, here's the verification link: https://www.dwolla.com/register/verify?token=1rueVWNhQaUBlheTEudA98qmrje54i++

For a Dwolla payment on that page, I definitely think we can help with either a Pay with Dwolla button or using our Form Builder tool (collects info + payment from those paying).

We don't have recurring on those functions yet, so they would be 1-time payments each. I still think it would be worth exploring on your end because of the amount you'd save on fees from Paypal.

Replacing Paypal: not yet. We're getting closer to having a recurring function like that, but offering a donation option where as much money goes towards your mission is really important.

Let me know if you have any other thoughts!

Thanks, Max Farrell