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Good content every day is their need.

Spiritual awakening. Austin Texas, party city. Then after x years, crisis and stumbled into marial arts. Then got spiritual with tai chi. Microcosmic Orbit, by Chia Mantak.

Consciousness Movement. Alternative Media and Consciousness. Alternative News Blogs. Conspiracy. Esoteric. Spiritual. Looking at society as a culture shift. Consciousness Blogging Movement - chipping away from a culture of death.

  • Evolver, Reality Sandwich.
  • Affiliate Program - banners, on commission
  • Sustainable Human - Chris.
  • Collective Evolution - can get connected to write stories
  • The Mind Unleashed - https://www.facebook.com/TheMindUnleashed.
  • FB Sharing Program - such as with Chris. Ex, paid daily time slot.
  • http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/04/14/open-source-plans-modern-tesla-free-energy-generator-released/
  • Dylan works with various high profile FB pages.
  • RPM - revenue per thousand impressions - cost per million clicks
  • Wakeup World - from Australia.
  • Click Bait Writers
  • Find Writers Who Can Tell a Story
  • Evolve and Ascend - Networker - from NJ. Esoteric.
  • Project Avalon
  • Base level of traffic came from - Jeff Rense - radio showsman, old school link websie
  • David Eyck - reptilian
  • Alex Jones - teenager; community access TV early on. There was truth to it.
  • Friend wrote Rainforest Medicine. African Plant Medicine. Equatorial african, Gabon. Iboga. Iboga treats physical addication in days. Goal of Bwiti with plants is happiness. How do you attain happiness.