ENSYS Pyrolysis

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This company is one of the only commercial ready biomass pyrolysis oil producing companies out there, they claim yields up to 75% oil by weight. The use a sand tornado as a thermal storage medium for fast biomass heat up times. For biomass up to 45% moisture the produced gas is sufficient to provide all process energy. So for a sample of 4 tons/acre hay yield at 45% moisture we could expect up to 750gal/acre yield. The oil however is both acidic and has moderate particular load, therefore still requires further refinemtnt for ICE use but would provide excellent boiler fuel for steam engine systems.

http://www.ensyn.com/tech.htm (Dead Link) http://www.ensyn.com/news/HP0908_Holmgren.pdf Flow diagram of refinement process (Dead Link) http://www.ars.usda.gov/sp2UserFiles/Program/307/biomasstoDiesel/RobertBrown&JenniferHolmgrenpresentationslides.pdf (Dead Link)

The relevant contact should you have a direct question is Randall R. Goodfellow rgoodfellow at ensyn dot com who is the company VP.