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Kirstin Miller Attachments 1:29 PM (16 minutes ago) to me

April 18

Dear Marcin, greetings, it’s Kirstin Miller with Ecocity Builders checking in with you.

I’m reaching out because we are teaming up with a number of innovators and partners to pilot several technologies for the circular economy - one is a hydroponic carbon capture system and the other a waste water reuse system.

For the hydroponic system we have an ecosystem of interested partners in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal where we’re been working for quite a few years. The technology is from an inventor in the UK Mark Everson. A pilot with the City of Lalitpur, the Tribhuvan University, a variety of maker workshops in the KValley, and demonstrating at a local brickworks, is in an active scoping phase.

I think it would be interesting to see if we could build the system using the Open Source machines and deliver this machine’s blueprint on the OSE platform as well, aligning with proper standards and quality control you have in place.

One reason I think this could work and take off in Nepal is that their culture and history is in alignment including their religion and sustainable urbanism practices under the Newari - the people who built all the original cities in the Kathmandu valley.

I attach a very short presentation on Mark’s system and initial digital model we’re working on with him.

In short, it would be great to do a micro factory workshop in Lalitpur to build the HCCAS system for the pilot using open source tools and machines.

Do you have interest in sharing your knowledge building/training to Nepal and working with us?

With best regards,

Kirstin Miller Ecocity Builders