Economic Downturn

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HintLightbulb.png Hint: A detailed study of 4000 people indicates about 50% downturn in overall consumer spending over March - [1]. There is an inconsistency between this and the reported 8.7 decrease in spending reported in mainstream media [2]. How to reconcile these two?

May 2020

Newest on top:

  1. US joblessness rate is high. [3]. OSE can help in some of the recovery via mass creation of right livelihood. We can have some impact by opensourcing some modes of production, shifting standard investor-owned gains (such as cordless drill industry) from investors to producers. This would be a structural and historic shift from the few to the many, but what could OSE help with that could generate deeper and immediate change? Distributed production could be such a mechanism. See COVID Economic Recovery.
  2. 4.8% quarter drop - [4]
  3. Dow Jones Industrial Average down by 20%? [5]. OK, but this doesn't mean much in sales.

April 2020

  • 25% down on the S&P 500, which is apparently faster than Great Depression - [6]
  • 7.5 decrease in consumer spending

March 2020

  • It's 9% drop. [7]
  • This one shows 50% drop USA:

This one shows 9% drop USA:

How do we reconcile both?