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We are recruiting builders of a new civilization. For the 4 year Civilization Builder Apprenticeship program, we are looking for up to 24 scholarships to cover first year tuition and fees (around $10k per student) for a 4 year program, in which work-study allows for student self-funding after the first year.

If you are a member of a chamber of commerce, or know someone who is, please download this presentation and pitch this funding request if you are interested in the possibility of starting a Seed Eco-Home enterprise in your area. This could occur after 4 years of immersion in our Civilization Builder Apprenticeship. The current pitch would be to have your local chamber of commerce or other local stakeholder fund a student from your community, to bring the enterprise back to your community. See terms and conditions - which state essentially that your community would get priority for up to 100 Seed Eco-Homes being built in your area, with OSE delivering these homes over a 5 year period. This offer applies only to the initial 24-student cohort of the Civilization Builder Apprenticeship. We are looking for student diversity representing different economic, racial, gender, and political strata of society, according to our principles of inclusive collaboration.