Educational Facility Design

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Notes on Design

  1. Workshop bays based on topic. Microcontrollers and wireless, IoT. Hydraulics. Heavy fab. Shafts, bearings, couplers, transmissions. 3D printing and plastic. Hot metal processing - induction, alloying, melts, HDG, kanthal. Materials - shred, crush, mill, powders. Rock burning. Electrolysis. Wood and carpentry. Structural design. Heavy machine construction set with pivots,and universal rotors. Power cubes. Drives and gears - chain, belt, precision, 3D printed. Bearings. Air bearings and high precision. Precision machining.ceramics and geopolymers. Aquaponics. Closed loop water systems.
  • 16 bay facility
  • Online course. Computer in each bay. Lesson plan, each person completes and certifies with video. Written and performance exams. Advance at your own pace. Ultimate tests are builds of devices, machines, products. Quality control is considered. Products can be marketable, such as trusses, wall modules, etc. Every build contributes to infrastructure - pending low level access to design: fittings, electric motors, CEBs, etc. Everyone is producing, and real usable product is made.
  • Experiment series - simple steps for training, clear learning outcomes.
  • Exams, tests, certifications, employment
  • Video camera, each person love their progress every day. Tests are captured on video.
  • Augmented reality is used for super posing information on photographed objects. So.plest is QR readers. More advanced is an app.
  • Provides collaborative development track with clear documentation of progress that becomes self-continuing via clear understanding of collaborative development protocol. Having seen specific examples of nonsensical, unaccountable development in Summer X 2021 - what is required to obtain full accountability and transparency? A well-organizee pal t where materials are organized, clear development logs, rationales, data collection, etc. Only for qualified people - such that pre-requisites are clearly stated and people are certified to do a certain level of performance.

Effective Education

To Emmanuel - Following up on our conversation, what we need is the 'killer curriculum that you can't find anywhere else' - but above today at Factor e Farm - 100x refined so you learn 10x more in 10x less time. The first part would be to define the killer modules of practical, scalable skills for industrial productivity on a small scale. That which people otherwise waste countless hours on trying to learn - just as we've seen trying to get NodeMCU to work today.

  • Cell phone automation of tractors and programming for logic (digging logic, trenching, backhoeing, laser guided grading) starting with pre-programmed Arduino with selector switch
  • Stackable inverters for off grid power
  • Scalable Universal axes - working out the belt and geardown issues that we haven't developed yet for strong machining
  • Hydraulics 101
  • Computer infrastructure - degenerate computer workstation with OSE linux preloaded, all libraries for arduino and automation preloaded. Includes cell phone, and joystick controller if cell phone is insufficient. Various dev environments, such as, arduino ide, nodeMCU, etc...

Time Binding

  • Develop a Time Binding Template:
    • Builds upon____
    • Modules used____
    • Pictures
    • Time lapse

Limits to Collaborative, Emergent Design with Clear Teleology

There have been many blocks identified. Generally, it is infrastructure, skill set and mindset.

  • Infrastructure - lack of organization is an issue. Topical areas of endeavor must be separated, and parts/bins/storage set up to match. Site creature to.forts and operations.
  • Most mindsets operate without understanding of time binding, and thus no chance of economic time binding.
  • Product development process skills.
  • Technical documentation skills
  • Basic physics, phenomena, and numeracy thereof
  • Basic logic, reasoning, mental models
  • Confidence or index of possibilities
  • Technical skills. Can be acquired.
  • Purpose - the vision of improvement via collaborative design and drive for financial independence. Clear definition of Teleology needs to be defined.