Electric Rotary Kiln

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  • 1.5kg/kWhr at the 70kW scale - [1]. Note: data jump from 50-70kw is dubious here.
  • 300kWhr/day from small 50kW array of solar gets us to 450 lb of cement per day - or 2 yards of solar concrete and enough for 1 house a week.
  • 24 person operation (50 houses/year) can go solar concrete with a 50kW PV array - rooftop of a 5000 sf workshop.
  • Kiln is $15k [2]


  • Modern kilns are 3.5 to 6.5' in diameter [3]
  • Small electric ones are doable, such as this 100 kg/hour modular that fits inside a container. [4]