Electric System Troubleshooting

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To troubleshoot an electric system:

  1. Is the power turned on?
  2. Is there a master power switch that is turned off?
  3. Is there an indicator light that tells that power is on?
  4. Check that an electric source has electric power
  5. Check polarity of connection to power source.
  6. Check the connection from the electric power source to wires.
  7. Check the integrity of wires.
  8. Check the connection of wires to the component that uses power
  9. Check for loose connections on the device receiving power
  10. Check that a device is grounded properly
  11. Check for frayed or broken insulation
  12. Check whether a fuse is burned out
  13. Check if any safety component or breaker is tripped
  14. Check whether voltage is being delivered to a device using a voltmeter