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August 17-22

Composting toilet stairs, vent pipe, and documentation

Greg finalized the Composting Toilet sketchup file to include on the wiki page.

August 13-16

recuperation time

August 8-August 13

MicroHouse 3 workshop

July 31- August 7

-Designed and built a composting toilet for OSE. Composting Toilet @OSE

Preparation for the microhouse 3 workshop.

- brick prep

-composting toilet

-dome-shade/rain structures

-cooking and dishwashing for workshop

Fruits and wild edible foraging: harvested wild plums at reservoir (a tree next to the launch behind the bathroom )

concord grapes and some apple varieties are ripe

harvested all of the edamame, and a test batch of sweet potatoes ( sweet potatoes need 10 days of curing time post harvest, pre cooking)

Wed Jul 30, 2014

Rebar for the microhouse foundation

Tues Jul 29, 2014

Worked with Greg to finish the wooden form work for the microhouse foundation

mapped out the general location for composting toilet, and showers for interns and workshop participants. OSE Composting Toilet ideas

Mon Jul 28, 2014

took a trip to Sutherlands Lumber to pick up remaining pieces for microhouse foundation and a few pliers for installing the rebar.

constructed the wooden form work for the microhouse foundation with Greg

Fri Jul 25, 2014

filled in septic tank hole for microhouse 3

Thurs Jul 24, 2014

built a second picnic table!

pressed bricks with varying quantities of dirt,sand, and cement to test different proportions for stabilization

Wed Jul 23, 2014


cleaned out old workshop space for outdoor kitchen

afternoon pressed bricks with different measured quantities of dirt, sand, and cement recorded data

Tues Jul 22, 2014

finished pool! swimming!

CEB press

Mon Jul 21, 2014


removed hopper, grate, and shaker from CEB press in order to manually produce bricks. conducted several soil tests on piles 1,2,3 of soil. pressed several bricks manually, and recorded data on brick uniformity


assisted with installing metal siding of pool

Fri Jul 18, 2014

hydraulic tubing for brick press. assisted with installation of the shaker, and the grate. Pressed 2 bricks! -the soil was too wet.

worked on publicity for microhouse workshop, reaching out to several colleges and universities in Missouri

Thurs Jul 17, 2014

Build shelves in the old workshop to organize into an outdoor kitchen space. Assist with hydraulic tubing, installing quick couplers on tubes for CEB press

Wed Jul 16, 2014

Arrive at the farm!