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I found your work through Open Everything. I read that you…

Do you know about our work? As far as we know, we are a unique experiment at reinventing the entire infrastructure of communities – in what is known as the Global Village Construction Set (see We are also the only group that we know of who is actively developing Open Business Models in physical production, in a facility that also tests these business models first hand.

Please consider attending the First World Conference on Open Source Ecology, where we are developing the technology and ecology tools for post-industrial settlements:

If you can’t make it to the conference, consider supporting this very important work by subscribing to the 1000 True Fans campaign -

We are taking this work very seriously, because of its potential. If you have suggestions on our work and approach, please share them. Can you recommend others who may be interested in this work?

Sincerely, Marcin Factor e Farm home team