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The Emergent Ventures Grant

The Mercatus Center Emergent Ventures Fellowship and Grant

  • "Launched with $1 million grant from the Thiel Foundation, the mission is to jumpstart high-risk, high-reward ideas that advance prosperity, opportunity, and wellbeing. The fellowship provides participants with the short-term resources and support to quickly develop and test their ideas."
  • Past winners
  • Founded by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. See their blog, Marginal Revolution.
  • TBD - research into Cowen and Tabarrok, previous awardees
  • The sixteenth cohort was announced SEP 2021, three months after the fifteenth cohort.

Application Strategy

  • Start from the ground up - we need to build a narrative arc of current and past activities that lead to the OSE vision for the future. The first step is the logic model template below.
  • A clear story of what OSE is and what will accomplish will drive the application.
  • Goal is to submit before February 1, 2022.

Logic Model


Analysis of Past Winners