Energy History

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  • critique of great parody is that it doesn't account for base load. [1]
  • 2023 - us grid got more power from sun and wind than coal for 5onths of the year. But gas is larger than coal since 2014, so all together wind and solar are only about 10-15%. [2]
  • 2021 - China reaches great parody of solar with coal [3]
  • 2016 - OSE achieves 5x the grid parody with solar for coal in the 2016 build of the Seed Home, paving the way for solar becoming a standard option in future Seed Eco-Homes
  • 2011 - Germany achieves grid parity with solar [4]

OSE Rollout

  • 6kW PV + heat pump hybrid solar priority - 2023
  • Heat Pump based Hot and cold water storage for heating and cooling +12kW - standard option.features of the Seed Eco-Home for 90% off-grid operation.