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Energy Stored On Energy Invested - [1] - innovative concept from Stanford 2016.


Paper Conclusions

  • Pumped Hydro and Compressed Air are good storage options compared to any battery technology or fuel cells.
  • Thermal storage is not considered.
  • P. 14 - it takes about 2 kWhr in 2013 to produce a 1W PV panel. Translated: it takes a little under 1 year in normal temperate zone conditions for Embodied Energy paybpack! 25% shorter in desert areas. Translated: solar electricity is nearly free:


  • OSE Notes - we estimate 80 cene per GGE for hydrogen production cost, as implied at Solar Hydrogen Production if balance of system costs for hydrogen production are the same as the cost of electricity used.


Email to author of above paper:

Hi Sally,

I'm the founder of Open Source Ecology, and we are currently designing zero energy homes with pumped hydro energy storage. I just reviewed your excellent presentation on the Role of Energy Systems Analysis. 

I noticed that in the end section, you assess the role of Battery Electric and Fuel Cell vehicles. Do you consider hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engines as a possibility as well? I am still at a loss as to why nobody is considering hydrogen-ICVs, and focuses on FCVs, if the latter is much more expensive to execute. 

Specifically. hydrogen can now be generated at 80 cents per gasoline gallon equivalent from cheap solar. If that is indeed the case, it seems that hydrogen ICVs can - today - shift the entire narrative over to renewable energy via hydrogen. The cost of fuel would still be about 2x lower than gasoline. What am I missing?