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We are proposing the formation of Global Villages in the form of productive enterprise communities that strive for unprecedented quality of life:

  • material abundance
  • freedom from bureacracy and unnecessary activity
  • total focus on one's true interests


For our particular OSE prototype implementation, we are interested in the following general essence of an Enterprise Community Contract:

  • 2 hours of productive activity daily, such that 100% of the community's food, energy, housing, transportation, and technology essentials are produced for subsistence, with surplus production for market
    • Agriculture base follows permaculture design, and includes production of water soluble organic fertilizer, orchard, nursery, and crops, as well as certain food processing and value added propositions
    • Flexible fabrication produces advanced technologies at the cost of materials
    • Cost of living is reduced dramatically, from $20,000/year in the industrialized world, to negligible income requirements, under the assumption of high-tech self-providing
  • Each participant undertakes a study program of full stewardship of the community, including:
    • Agricultural production capacity
    • Technological literacy to operate and maintain flex fab equipment and other machinery
    • Numeracy to facilitate design
    • Study of the mind and body to expand one's consciousness, skills, and abilities, and to disseminate such human augmentation widely towards eliminating mind control of the masses
  • Entry of new people can be negotiated by the new participants providing skills and productive contribution to the community
  • Beyond the 2 hour requirement, participants follow a research lifestyle to promote further development of the community or of the greater world

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