Entrepreneur to Systems Transformation Entrepreneur Program

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Or Entrepreneur to SystemTransformationEntrepreneur program

  • Starts with accepting premise that by collaboration, we can solve larger problems. Thus, we take a few top entrepreneurs into a Genius Network for Systems Transformation.
  • Requirement for joining is team play - hanging your ego at the door. Not saying that I will do it my way, but in a collaborative way. All partners are consulted. Owner makes decisions with input.
  • All enterprise is simply a synthesis of proven, viable businesses - of common large market items.
  • We agree to develop the product ecosystem as an education and manufacturing enterprise. Call it a school, a Transformative Enterprise Center.
  • Our bottom line social contract is ending artificial scarcity (artificial material scarcity) from first principles.
  • Each party agrees to replicate. Ie, to collectively solve pressing world issues. Because the more of the enterprise, the better. So it won't be coca cola or other centralized production.
  • Minimum track record of $10M net revenue enterprise or exemption pending clear roadmap to the same from a minimum of $2.5M.


  • People who are wildly successful transition to a search for meaning
  • Topgrades usually have humility. If they are financially successful but ego is too big, they don't qualify.
  • Open-minded people, open to negotiation and creation.
  • Stakeholdership is required in replication phase.