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Thu Mar 20, 2014

Bugged SketchUp CleanUp extension author to get it working under wine. Exported SCAD warehouse File:SCADWarehouse.skp.

Wed Mar 19, 2014

Modeled axles and stock pivot plate in scad. Collected the parts into a warehouse:

Scad warehouse.png

Tue Mar 18, 2014

Installed SketchUp with wine. Issues with Cleanup; contacted author.

Modeled basic plates in scad.


Thu Mar 12, 2014

Adapted rotor shaft to coupler (keyway and setscrews). Adjusted spacing of tine modules to put 3" between neighboring tine ends and 3½" to bucket sides. Adjusted length of shaft to accomodate coupler, bearings and collar. See File:Rotor.scad.

Exported File:Rotor.stl including integration with Michael's SketchUp assembly:


Added notes to OpenSCAD#Import scaling.

Wed Mar 12, 2014

Minor changes to tine_module in File:Rotor.scad.

Tine module.png

Worked through exporting from OpenSCAD to STL (e.g. File:Tine module.stl) and importing results in SketchUp. Documented the process in OpenSCAD#Collaboration. Continued limewashing and painting the HabLab.

Tue Mar 11, 2014

Modeled rotor in scad: File:Rotor.scad. Limewashed the HabLab.


Mon Mar 10, 2014

Worked on Soil Mixer Drawing. Mixed and applied first layer of plaster in MicroHouse. Modeled tractor interface in openscad File:Tractor interace.scad and exported stl File:Tractor interace.stl.

Tractor interface.png

Sun Mar 9, 2014

Brainstormed Soil Mixer Design Requirements. Stripped plaster in MicroHouse and put up chicken wire. Modeled the OSE grid beam in openscad File:Grid beam.scad.