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Oct 14 video conference

  • Lives in Oakland
  • Found OSE online
  • came to hackerspace event in SF where Marcin gave a speech; had lunch with Marcin afterwards
  • tried to build a brick press
    • 10 or more people usually showed up to participate
    • got about half way due to mismatched "directions" -- schematics not quite accurate etc
    • 2012ish
  • What got you interested in OSE? Erik: "seems like what we should be doing as citizens of the world" "we need a new economy"
  • are you still involved in any hacker/makerspace? Erik: "a metalshop in oakland has a lathe, mill; a warehouse/living situation. Called ABCO. mostly music shows now. potential workshop facility. Master tenant is Barry"
  • How would you like to get involved? Erik: "i would like to be involved full time and join the revolution but maybe im not brave enough to 'jump off the cliff' to do it. ive been talking to guys about buying land."
    • hes in early convo with guys who have money. planning to establish a farm....involve OSE Tech.
    • "If we could get more funding, more would happen. Get a demo facility."
  • Your land in Lodi: "My friend Tim owns property up there. hes a full scale maniac. in River Delta area. A couple acres, theyre farming. Stewart is renting some of the property; organic farming. 40 pigs. Possible involvement there. Tim is more into upcycling, 'stacking garbage', not so much the OSE vision of using new materials"
  • Interested in volunteering to help facilitate classes/workshops
  • Is a serial entrepreneur; has started several business
  • concerned with our business model
  • works at a cannabis startup making soda, lubricant, lotion, suppositories. making products that have cannabis in them. 1 year
  • is a hacker/makerspace organizer for a long time