Ethical Business Leadership Council

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  • You are not a terrorist organization
  • Jesus et al defined ethics
  • You are not on the payroll of a terrorist regime.
  • Your governance is sound - you are not corrupt, do not take bribes
  • You are creative, but you do not lie
  • You do not steal
  • You provide options and win-wins to everything you touch
  • You are Midas, a regenerative developer
  • You do not work with conflict materials or resources such as Dinbas lithium, Congo stuff, blanket Russian goods, etc.
  • You do not deplete resources. Every resource you use you steward like the native populations practiced
  • You do not dumb down your workers with menial and life-sucking tasks.
  • You use renewable energy.
  • You develop Distributive Enterprises
  • You believe in the philosophy of Distributed Market Substitution for physical products