Extending Darwin's Revolution

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Extending Darwin's Revolution – David Sloan Wilson & Robert Sapolsky

HintLightbulb.png Hint: Main Takeaway: "Completing the Darwinian Revolution" . The thesis of Wilson's book is tha the Darwinian Revolution will not be complete until it makes sense of everything associated with the words human, culture, and policy in addition to the word biology....Many disciplines (economics, policy, history, sociology, etc) are at odds with modern evolutionary thinking. All of this disciplines need to be updated. From OSE's persepctive, the Collaborative Singularity must also be addressed in evolutionary thinking.

by https://wonderfest.org/#videos


  • Mental models + genes determine how you think
  • Whatever is sacred to you - you go in denial on that
  • Minute 43 - it talks about group success
  • Min 9:45 - Evolutionary theory turned selfish as a trend of 20th century. What caused it? People used to talk about society. Individualism trumped the social organism.
  • Groups become externally cooperative, but not internally.
  • Question of scale - we will not get true cooperation until we include all of ecology. Biosphere.
  • Water strider - females like docile partners, and choose them - if they are free to move between male types into different pools
  • Inclusive fitness theory - [1]
  • Lynn Margulis - cells evolved as communities from bacteria, not as individuals. People are the newest twist. People suppressed disruptive individuals, usually.
  • Selfish gene theory. Is not an argument agains cooperation.
  • Isaac newton was a devout Christian.
  • Darwin's theory was disturbing because? it applied to small groups?
  • Conscious evolution - that we can become part of something larger - gaia and superconscious evolution. This is still taboo. Evolution can become something larger.
  • Behavior traits evolve just like physical biology. This is now known.
  • Policy should be a branch of evolutionary biology

Rules for Supercooperators

  • Rules for supercooperators, 8:
    • Strong sense of identity and purpose - who is in group, what roles are
    • Proportional cost and benefit - give and get equally
    • Inclusive decision making, open transparent fair
    • Agreed upon rules of behavior.
    • Correction mechanism. Not hammer, but warning enough. Graduated actions - corrections mechanism, ways to escalate
    • Fast and fair conflict resolution. By all parties.
    • Authority to self-govern. Must have elbow room.
    • Appropriate relations with other groups that embody same principles.