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The OSE executive assistant will work with OSE on Mon-Tue to address various administrative tasks:

  1. Food and house supply purchases - sends logistics assistant on food buying trip every 2 weeks for Basic Food Items and House Supplies.
  2. Weekly local supply trips - sends logistics assistant to buy workshop consumables, tools - Sweiger Shop, Menards, MoKan, and Harbor Freight. Calls in for parts availability.
  • Writes checks for approval by ED.
  • Must have their own transportation to run errands

Specific Tasks

  • Fill out liability release forms - from Visit_Factor_e_Farm page
  • Fill contract templates for new participants
  • Set up system for purchasing procedure and requisition


  • Providing and processing requisition forms for purchases transition to this process for non-regularly-purchased items
    • 3 bids typical for any purchase
  • Access to ED's emails under the condition of confidentiality and agreement to not read personal messages

To be Developed

  • Assists in general project management + task fulfillment (Promises of What by when , Conditions of satisfaction)
  • Request updates from team members, especially when Marcin is traveling
  • Schedules Flash Mob development sessions, and helps the Development teams with recruiting Flash Mob members
  • Manages Community Documentation Forum until Community Manager is identified
  • Organizes facility tours until Community Manager is recruited
  • Assists in cross-training session programming
  • Track and visualize True Fans numbers
  • Requesting updates from all team members