Executive Director's Statement

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Towards the Efficient Economy

Open Source Ecology intends to build a collaborative development and manufacturing platform that revolutionizes the way that the economy operates today. We design our products in a different way. Our designs are simple and modular. Therefore, they are designed for a lifetime of service. Our goal is to have people gain full control over their technology, like playing with Lego blocks for life-size machines.

Open Source Ecology believes that the next economy is the open source economy - where we all have access to know-how so we can build upon it, unleash innovation, and leave nobody behind.

Our enterprise model is education for disruptive entrepreneurship. First, there was Social Enterprise. Now we are introducing Distributive Enterprise - where the business model relies on open collaboration to increase innovation. We share not only our machine designs, but also our enterprise plans - completely openly.

Our goal for 2013 is to stabilize the organization - developing a solid executive team and attaining full organizational structure as a humanitarian organization. In 2013, we aim to streamline our radically collaborative development and production processes, so we can go into high gear. We are continuing to develop our machines as we deploy pilot projects world-wide - to test the feasibility under the most diverse and demanding conditions.

In 2014-2015, we intend to enter a high-velocity development phase of the remaining machines of the Global Village Construction Set - based on the learnings from 2013. We intend to finish them all, and document them fully, by the end of 2015. This is our Apollo Project for a regenerative economy.

From 2016-2021 - we intend to enter the replication phase - where we build more than 100 facilities world-wide. These facilities are the OSE Incubators - for entrepreneursip training - as a step towards the efficient economy. Our means is to generate a collaborative, open source product development capacity via a network of such development facilities - to unleash innovation worldwide as Collaborative Production establishes a foothold as the next step in the evolution of the modern economy.

Is anything at stake?

OSE intends to disrupt agriculture worldwide by providing access to low-cost, flexible farm equipment - and by open-sourcing agricultural practices for replicable agricultural and value-added enterprises.

OSE intends to disrupt manufacturing worldwide by providing access to low cost, flexible, digital fabrication tools - to enable the production of anything, anywhere.


Marcin Jakubowski, Ph.D.

Executive Director