Executive Email Handling Protocol

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General Policy

The Executive's main role is serving as the main voice and vision carrier for open source ecology. This includes setting standards for the organization and engaging in conversations related to high-level collaboration and partnerships. This is where the executive's forte as the visionary and inspirer is put to the best use towards achieving the goals of Open Source Ecology. The Executive cannot act as both carrier of the vision and enforcer of performance due to an inherent conflict of interest that arises from those 2 roles being carried out by the same person. Any management, operations, on-the-ground activity + communications + enforcement related issues (not related to the creation and maintenance of high-level conversations) need to be delegated to other team members.

As a growing organization - if OSE does not currently hold the capacity to delegate properly, then those conversations must either be neglected or capacity to engage these conversations must be developer by securing additional resources.

Initial Inquiries

If the email contact is the first contact, or if no substantial information has been exchanged, then the initial inquiry protocol should be followed. There are 2 cases: one where OSE initiates the conversation, and the second is where someone else initiates the conversation.

Conference Call Request Handling Protocol

Appointments with the executive may be pursued only under these circumstances:

  • The Executive has requested a conference call explicitly. In this case, the conference is to be made without further due diligence.
  • A trusted high-level advisor or other trusted party has made an explicit request.
  • The executive is briefed regarding a conference request.

Continuing Conversations