Exploded Part Diagram Workbench Specification

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Job Requirements

Workbench Specificaton

The exploded part diagram workbench should do these steps:

  1. Using any file, workbench explodes the entire part logically along several axes.
  2. User selects which parts to explode, and selects the axis
  3. User can do this iteratively, as many times as needed, to produce a complete explosion.
  4. Workbench should automatically label every single part with numbers. FreeCAD should recognize identical parts, and label them with the same number.
  5. For generating labels, the user could also select the order in which parts should be numbered by selecting parts in the order of numbering
  6. A button should exist to generate a table, listing all the parts by number, and their quantities. FreeCAD should count the number of each item for multiple items. The total number will represent the Unique Part Count.
  7. Another button generates the total part count, by counting all the parts, including repeat parts.
  8. Another button should generate a hyperlinked bill of materials in a table
  9. The Ultimate Button would generate a hyperlinked Visual BOM - essentially - an online, embeddable image - the same as the exploded diagram - with numbered parts - but the part numbers are hyperlinked to actual sourcing which can be accesssed by clicking on that part number.