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There are many tasks that for into an integrated Design/development infrastructure, and because of the numerous dependencies, they are hard to execute because of these dependencies: one part depends on the knowledge of another. To assist, we define physical interface design, but what about interface design on other fronts? To address this, we can create part libraries that contain all the dependencies, and if these are to be modified, modifications follow Design Rules.

Part libraries would allow us to move between tractor construction set, heavy machining, materials handling, materials processing, fuel and power, construction, and other areas. In the minimum form, precision machining and metal work, up to rolling and hot metal work, can all be built upon basic Tractor Construction Set infrastructures.

here are tasks that are custom.in the development of the GVCS, but there are other tasks that are scalable to wide participation, such as:

  • Creating libraries for possible tractor frames. FreeCAD, Blender, SweetHome.