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We are deciding to do this but part of a bigger picture: a large coordinated hackathon beyond only the Kickstarter backers. We will package this in a different version, a 575 sf home that can be delivered on a trailer. This will combined the best features of Seed Eco-Home and an RV. How does that sound?

  • A $5k-$50k housing unit based on a trailer.
  • Telescopes out, for a comfortable starter home comparable to a trailer home but high quality, lifetime design, and full off-grid capable, with PV and incinerating toilet.
  • It's a transformer and industry transformer. It can take the shape of an RV-looking instance, or the shape of a regular house that can be deployed like a prefab house.

Extreme Enterprise Task Breakdown

  • Legal - determine the requirements for SMV vs highway-legal trailer.
  • 8x8' mininalist module
  • 8x16' module
  • 8x20 module
  • 8x32' module - 32x18 after telescoping out to sides - 576 sf
  • telescopes to sides module
  • Skin module
  • Frame Module
  • Kitchen module
  • Bathroom module
  • Shit frier
  • PV
  • Winterization

Incinerating toilet

  • Humidity sensor
  • Heated bed
  • Vent fan
  • PV - 3kW normal, 1 kW low light operation
  • $1000 battery bank - Lithium Ion
  • Liquids flow-through for collection and biological treatment.
  • Separating action - feces stay for dehydration, urine flows down

Tiny House Communities

This version of the Microhouse could go into tiny house communities like the one featured in the below video which is technically an "RV park".