Extreme Enterprise Incentive Structure

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Extreme Enterprise is solving for people showing up to the open source development table. This compresses the lengthy development cycles of open source projects from years to days, at an overall collective society cost reduced by 10x-100x by avoiding 'reinventing the wheel' in commercial enterprise, and avoiding the Open Hardware Trap in open hardware. The value proposition is clear: if products can be developed at a faster rate than standard commercial products, and the wealth generated distributed globally, via a process that eliminates Competitive Waste and thus drives lower cost - then we have succeeded in solving for the distribution of wealth aspect of the monopolistic status quo.

How do we motivate various contributors to show up? What should we aim for as the ratio of people who will end up producing a good or service? There are 2 main categories of participants: enablers and producers. Enablers help develop the product, but do not gain monetarily by starting production. Producers have an easy incentive: producing goods for sale as a source of revenue, doing regenerative work.

Intended Distributed Production Outcome

It may be useful to have an allowed number of spots for intended producers - such as 100 or 250 worldwide. Should we design for selecting such people? How do we vet them? How do we incentivize them to have them attain completion?

Enabler Incentives

It may be more difficult to retain the enablers. What's in it for them? We can consider 2 types: incentivized, and self-determining contributors.

Incentivized contributors follow a certain incentive that makes them step over the edge - into successful participation without defection. This may be monetary or other. Agile shows that monetary incentives are not a good idea?

Self-determining contributors are those who would do this regardless of any incentive. But these will likely be rare, unless they are at a high level of Consciousness Hacking.


Select enablers for their open source, teacher, supercooperator nature. Not necessarily maker or entrepreneur. Maybe we select teachers/professors who give extra credit for their class to participate?

Producer Incentives

Producers are incentivized via a regenerative sideline business. How do we incentivize ethical motivation here - as opposed to freeloaders? Simple - we charge them a platform fee.