Extreme Manufacturing Documentation Protocol

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OSE engages in continuing quality improvement. We build during swarm build manufacturing events - which we call Extreme Manufacturing. To improve product quality, there are documentation steps that can be taken at every Extreme Manufacturing build event - so we collect data for further development of workflow, tooling, build ergonomics, organization, role allocation, and other details of public production engineering. Furthermore, access to high speed internet allows us to involve others in generating documentation and enterprise development assets. As such, we are creating a robust way to develop products in a highly collaborative fashion so that public product development is normalized as a viable way to develop - instead of the typical proprietary products that results in mediocrity at best. Here we have a chance to reinvent production, teach people, involve the whole world, and make history while we are at it.

Internet Infrastructure

  • Computer support - CAD stations for viewing
  • Assembly massive multiplayer online game
  • Time lapse uploads
  • Live stream/communication stations


  • Time lapse cameras documenting every module at 3 second intervals, to be studied later.
  • One overhead and 2 from the sides, ideally, for every module.
  • More DSLRs for the overall build.

Communications and Remote Collab

  • Trained facilitator gathers notes on build, any correction points for procedures, and more.
  • Quiet Control Room is used to report on the build.
  • Build Manual is updated in real time with any changes or added information.
  • An Enterprise manual is worked on in realtime - 12 people
  • Ongoing live stream with live scrum meetings throughout.
  • Ongoing video editing via live uploads.
  • Live video stream recorded, and edited in realtime for media

Production Engineering Development

  • Remote production engineer refines build method, designs assisting jigs and tricks to make process faster.
  • Production engineering designs in Materials Recursion into the process.

Enterprise Dev

  • Website is created during the build, with e-commerce and product assets
  • Requests for video shoot are available
  • Product Photo Shoot infrastructure is available.
  • Entire marketing team produces video, brochures, business plan